Monday, 8 July 2013

Constructed Languages vs Natural Languages

The basic aim is to understand languages better. The natural path, and one that seems to be taken often, is to study origins of language, or by studying how language is learned by children, or studying the relationship between the brain and languages.

Instead, I intend to study an area of linguistics that has more definitive origins and purposes - "constructed languages" - which are languages that have been artificially invented for purposes like to ease human communication, to give fiction (eg klingon in Star Wars), artistic creation, language games etc. I'd like to explore each of these areas, its origins and growth, and try to see the similarities/dissimilarities between natural languages, hoping to give an overall objective view of languages.

I'd also like to see where computer languages fit in, if at all it does, in this study.



  1. Najeeb.. one concern: won't your paper get too long then?


  2. Najeeb, are you talking about linguistics in terms of artificial intelligence?? could you be more specific. Because even i am feeling like cathy, probably you are considering a broader range of things than necessary.. narrow it down bro..

  3. Hmm.. I think its too early to narrow it down. I'd rather do this than be stuck with a topic I don't like.
    And I'm talking about something called constructed languages - its origins and the direction its taking.

  4. It's a great thought Najeeb. Linguistics with a Computer Language twist is intelligently superb! It's high time that Linguistics gets explored along with IT. Who knows your thought in the future may become a great trendsetter! March On Najeeb !!!
    - Livea Paul

  5. hey Najeeb,
    Interesting topic! Maybe you could look at how much of these 'constructed languages' actually stick with the general population. also i feel that constructed language, as you define it, and its knowledge is restricted to a certain class of people ('educated, english movie watching' to be precise), so hopefully that will help you narrow your research.

    Good Luck!

    1. Interesting suggestion, I shall look into it

  6. Hi Najeeb

    Brilliant research idea!!

    did you know that the Gibberish that the minions in Despicable Me is actually a language constructed by the makers of the movie.. thought you would find this useful for your research

    yIghoSDo' ;)

    QaQ yIQong :)


    1. Haha thanks shyam. Yeah that gibberish is very interesting, I'm going to look into it.


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